Brand story

brand story

Põltsamaa-genuine and good!
For a century, we’ve been capturing Estonians’ favorite flavors in jars, bottles, tubes, and packs right here in Põltsamaa.

We make food just as you would at home: using fresh, wholesome ingredients, ensuring both health and taste. Count on us for weekday convenience, making sure your table is quickly set, and for inspiration on weekends or when you seek something novel and exciting for your festive gatherings.
This is the essence of genuine and good!

Come and be part of a journey through time – discover how Põltsamaa Strong Mustard, Homemade Solyanka, Pai Smoothies, and other beloved Põltsamaa products have found their way to thousands of people’s tables and a special place in their hearts.


Our story begins more than 100 years ago when our predecessor, ETK Põltsamaa Factories, started production in Põltsamaa in 1920.


The old brewery is converted into a winery, and wine production begins. The factory’s equipment costs a staggering 200,000 marks, employing 7 people.


The taste and quality of our products quickly win people’s hearts. The newspaper “Ühistegelised Uudised” praises our offerings.


The product range continues to expand, including spirits, juices, „kama“ flour (estonian national food), wine, and coffee.


A fire breaks out in the coffee factory in spring. A blaze destroys the second floor of the main building and many production facilities. We discontinue coffee, „kama“ flour, and spirits production, continuing only with wine and juice.


Canning production gains momentum. The range is abundant: pickles, mixed salads, strawberry, blackcurrant, and gooseberry jams, apple and carrot juices, stewed plums, pears, apple slices, and currants in syrup, etc. The first export product to England is blackcurrant preserves. It becomes so popular that 35 tons of it are sold to England in 1939.


War rages, and food production is practically halted. Wine stocks are destroyed, and a large portion spills into the Põltsamaa river.


The year of product innovation! We become the first company to package food in tubes, introducing the first Põltsamaa Strong Mustard, of which nearly 60 million tubes have been sold until today.


The world’s first space food is produced. Juices, soups, pâtés, even coffee with milk are bottled in tubes. The food leaves such a powerful impression that in 2011, two former cosmonauts visit the birthplace of space food.


Juice production gains momentum. A juice press is installed in Põltsamaa, producing apple concentrate.


Apple drinks are now available in modern Tetra Pak packaging. Alongside apple drinks, orange drinks and straw beverages reach consumers` homes.


ETK and AB Felix merge, giving birth to AS Põltsamaa Felix. Felix Tomato Ketchup brings joy to consumers, becoming Estonia’s most beloved ketchup!


Exports grow. Pickled cucumbers reach the Finnish and Swedish consumers.


The product portfolio expands. The mayonnaise brand Formeer becomes part of Põltsamaa and its production is now based here.


Our products are becoming more environmentally friendly! With the construction of a new boiler house, energy costs decrease by 30%, and Põltsamaa’s air becomes cleaner.


We launch a new juice packaging line, making packages more environmentally friendly and convenient.


Põltsamaa factory is expanding rapidly. We acquire Nordic Foods’ assets and establish a new ready meal production in Põltsamaa. Large-scale pumpkin production starts for both the domestic market and exports to Finland. Estonians` favorite Pai Smoothie hits the shelves.


We open a modern sauce factory. The quality of sauces improves, people’s satisfaction grows, and there’s a significant increase in exports to Finland, Latvia, and Lithuania.


Well-known Orkla health products like Möller’s cod liver oil, Livol multivitamins, Gerimax energy supplements, etc., become available in pharmacies and stores.


Life becomes especially convenient for pickled food enthusiasts. Vegetables, cabbages, and jarred ready made soups get new easy open lids– just click and open.


Orkla Group’s entire Baltic juice production relocates to Estonia. We invest 1.5 million euros in the Põltsamaa juice factory and competence center, making it the most modern juice producer in the Baltics.


There’s never too much of a good taste. We merge with the beloved sweets manufacturer AS Kalev, giving birth to Orkla Eesti AS.