Põltsamaa -genuine and good!

We here at Põltsamaa understand that homemade is well-made. But some days, you just want to take it easy, not worry about what goes on the table. We prepare food just like you would: from fresh ingredients, healthy, and delicious. We’re your weekday support, setting the table in a flash, and your weekend inspiration, nudging you to explore new tastes. That way, every meal brings something different to your table.

best selection

Good food isn’t made in a test tube or crafted from substitutes. Quite the opposite, genuine ingredients grow in fields, on trees, and in farms, just as they always have. That’s why our best selections are truly the best—we don`t make compromises on quality or sustainability. Here in Põltsamaa, we know what’s Genuine and Good.



which is 60 tons
less sugar in juice drinks


which is 1 ton
less salt in ready meals


green electricity in production


tons less CO2 emissions per year

Environmental conservation and combating global climate change are collective social responsibilities. We have taken our share of that responsibility and are actively working towards reducing our carbon footprint while maintaining nature and people at the heart of all our activities.

Our sustainability strategy focuses on implementing clear and thoughtful actions in four main areas, that are commercially successful but at the same time environmentally friendly, fulfil people’s needs.

Põltsamaa factory shop

The Põltsamaa factory shop is the only shop in Estonia where you can find all our products (sauces, gherkins, juices, etc.) in one place. In addition, you can also find traditional Kalev sweets and acquire gift and loyalty cards, which are valid in the Põltsamaa factory shop, Kalev chocolate shops and Maiasmokk café. Every month, the Põltsamaa factory shop also has various special offers for Põltsamaa, Felix and Kalev products.
The shop is located in the factory’s gatehouse (Tallinna mnt 1, Põltsamaa).

Tallinna mnt.1, Põltsamaa, 48103
+372 5344 6125


Mon-Sat 10am – 6pm
Sun 10am – 4pm